Tu T'Uses Beauté?, 2019
2Bis fripe-galerie, Marseille
Nicolas Jacquot - Rita Görözdi - Axelle Terrier
Featured as a singular association for the mind, the ears and the eyes, Tu T’Uses Beauté? still not intend to pull out all the stops - that is impossible - but show some essences that are new or meticulously recycled. For the structure, we re-used the Showcase-Showdown installation-market, a project designed by Nicolas Jacquot. It is mainly about exhibiting micro-edition of text and music and all kind of stuff in funny ways. Alongside, the Graphic Operations are made of 10 original drawings by Rita Görözdi which happen to comment freely some texts and objects of the installation. Thirdly, grand chief of the alloy, Axelle Terrier designed the scenography as a discreet excrescence of the project itself within the gallery, a sculpture of sculptures holding up not all the objects - that is impossible - but a selection of works and props that are new or meticulously recycled.